Established in 2012, 99Cloud Inc. is China's leading professional OpenStack service provider dedicated to solve the last kilometer problems for enterprises in OpenStack adoption.

99Cloud is one of the first corporate members of OpenStack Foundation and ranked 2nd in OpenStack Community code contribution in China, and Top 10 contributor worldwide in projects including Horizon, Murano, Tacker, Kolla, Trove, Tempest and Gnocchi etc.

99Cloud Inc. is the sponsor and organizer of Trystack.cn, the largest OpenStack community in China, and China's largest OpenStack training institution, also certified training partner of the OpenStack Foundation.

For more information, pls. visit 99Cloud website http://99cloud.net/en/

99Cloud invested heavily on R&D and has developed products based on best practices of OpenStack, including
Animbus Cloud OS HA Controller Cloud-in-a-box (CIB) High Availability Value Added Modules (HA-VAM)
99Cloud also provided OpenStack based solution including front-end optimization, core framework optimization, backend optimization and Hyper-Converged application. Other than private cloud, 99Cloud cooperates with Aliyun to offer hybrid cloud solutions in enterprise market. 99Cloud is Intel’s Partner in Cloud-in-a-Box Program, delivering the integration OpenStack solution and fill in the last kilometer for enterprise OpenStack adoption.