The future won't leave you behind

Ammeon is a services partner that helps organizations make the most of emerging technologies and maintain a leading edge.

Our consulting and technology services unlock value from cloud, DevOps, and related technologies and approaches.

Our team of more than 200 consultants, technical architects, project managers, and developers has spent years successfully designing, developing, deploying, and operating high-availability production services for enterprises across multiple verticals. We have the real-world experience, technical know-how, and operational understanding to deliver your cloud-enabled transformation.

Technology-neutral, we can work with any solution, and we draw on our established network of supply partners, including market-leading platform as a service (PaaS) vendors, OpenStack* software, and operating system vendors.

With Ammeon's services organizations of all sizes can realize a return on their cloud investment by transforming their infrastructure and the way they build, test, and deliver.

Our cloud services

Our services are focused on getting your cloud projects up and running, your applications migrated, and your cloud operating as a core infrastructure supporting your IT functions.

Cloud validation: Experienced, hands-on engineers execute a series of verification and validation tests, either on-site or remotely. We make sure that your deployment is performance benchmarked before onboarding workloads such as applications, tests, and data-processing tasks. Cloud deployment and integration: Leverage our extensive deployment experience to plan and deliver your cloud implementation project. This service supports all popular OpenStack distributions. Infrastructure automation: We enable you to incorporate the management and configuration of your cloud infrastructure into your continuous integration pipelines. IT services migration to cloud: We deliver architectural and engineering support for the migration of your existing IT services (such as DNS, VPN, backup, mail, and file sharing) to the cloud. The service promotes cloud adoption by providing self-service portals and catalogs. Cloud life cycle management: We put in place the tools, processes, and capabilities necessary to provide full life cycle management for your OpenStack cloud deployment. Cloud managed services: We ensure that your cloud deployment works. All aspects of day-to-day operations and administration of the cloud are provided by Ammeon's cloud operations team. Married with our cloud learning services, our managed services can provide a bridge as your IT organization builds the competence necessary to manage the cloud.
Our IT agility services

These services significantly improve development and delivery efficiency:

Containerization: Regardless of the potential infrastructure target, this capability enables you to deploy and schedule applications and services in a consistent fashion and through a single interface. Application migration: This service is a series of assessment, test, and development activities designed to move customers' existing application to the newly established cloud infrastructure. Application test automation: We deliver the application test automation essential for continuous integration (CI). Test automation is a prerequisite for CI, but it can also be delivered as a stand-alone service to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and coverage of software testing. Continuous integration pipeline: We bring you the know-how and tooling to enable the continuous integration and verification of changes in your application development environments. We implement a CI pipeline, which manages the integration of both infrastructure and application changes in the development process. Continuous deployment: Our continuous deployment service covers the provisioning of both infrastructure and applications to production. It builds on achievements realized in continuous delivery to harness the benefits of full-scale automation.