Accelerate your journey to the cloud with converged infrastructure

ArcVideo Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to intelligent video processing solution and cloud services under global video growth trends. In order to serve broadcasting companies, internet companies and government institutions, ArcVideo invests all the resources to improve video encoding/transcoding, ICR and universal player to provide the highest quality, performance, secure and cost-efficient solutions.

As well as software defined professional video solutions, ArcVideo also provides professional video services for both private and public data center. ArcVideo is leading the industry with more than twenty years of video products on all major platforms, near hundreds of video related patents and large scale cloud video services experience. It serves government institutions, entertainment events, online education/games and mobile Internet industry to satisfy the increasing demands of video creating and consumption.

ArcVideo Cloud Services (aka. ACS) provides an end-to-end solution from capturing to media management, cloud video processing, cloud video distribution and finally to universal player.
ACS is an open, cross-regional, cross-network, and multi-service cloud video processing platform, which provides the core video and audio support to develop a full media format cloud service. The cloud video platform provides a central video and audio support for enterprises to carry out a full media cloud service.

Application Scenario: Capturing Streaming or File Collecting for Transcoding

Used for advertisement, live capturing or file uploading for streams or file collecting for further transcoding or distribution.

Solution features:

Large file uploading mechanism Live stream capturing