Based in Beijing Zhongguancun high-tech park, AWcloud is the leading provider of enterprise OpenStack-powered IaaS for public, private and hybrid cloud solutions in China. Our founding team brought decades of experience developing, building and operating large-scale cloud infrastructure deployments. Our core team has a unique array of technical expertise in virtualization, cloud computing, infrastructure services and holds an excellent reputation among our customers.

As an early member of the OpenStack ecosystem, we've established long-term strategic relationship between top-tier hardware vendors and IT service providers both at home and aboard. We've together successfully built an entire OpenStack enterprise services ecosystem in China, providing enterprise-ready public, private and hybrid cloud IaaS solutions. Meanwhile, we also provide one-stop OpenStack services including consulting, design, deployment, training and operation.

We successfully provide broad enterprise-grade product offerings to customers and helps drive to open cloud with high quality and security. Enjoying a higher business reputation and popularity in China, the corporation's successful development is driven by our continuous investment in technologies and innovations. On this basis, we are the Top 300 New Internet Companies in China and also gain much attention from top PEs and VCs around the world.

Private Cloud Solution

With AWcloud OpenStack distribution, we support heterogeneous virtualization platforms such as KVM, Hyper-V, and VMware. We build and manage private cloud platforms for enterprise customers.

Private Cloud Hosting

We provide enterprise customers with private cloud hosting services, and help you solve all problems with respect to the data center, hardware, storage, cloud platform, O&M, etc. You may rent the integrated cloud platform as needed, and pay relevant fees.

Converged Computing Solution

We provide enterprise customers with AWcloud Cloud-In-a-Box, and help you realize fast deployment and automatic O&M.

IDC Co-operation

In cooperation with local IDC enterprises, we integrate cutting-edge resources to provide IDC enterprises with OpenStack-based public cloud. We also provide the platform, technology and services for helping IDC enterprises transform into VDC-based cloud service business.

OpenStack Consulting and Training

We provide you with consulting and training services in OpenStack O&M and development. Our technical team has successively designed dozens of medium-sized and large-sized private and public clouds, operated over 10,000 virtual machines. We are able to make mature OpenStack O&M services available to enterprise customers.