The Datrium DVX system converges storage and compute in a radical new way to enable a simpler journey to hybrid clouds, but without the rigidity of traditional convergence, and without the lock-in and scaling unpredictability of hyperconvergence (HCI).

DVX integrates CPU and flash performance on ESXi and Linux hosts with VM and Container-centric, high-efficiency, scalable cloud data management tools (Data Cloud software) to enable VM and Container administrators to effortlessly accelerate, backup, copy and recover VMs and Containers across their data lifecycle.

DVX separates on-host, software-driven IO services and performance from an off-host durable data repository, so speed and persistent capacity can each be provisioned incrementally. While it takes advantage of host CPU and local flash performance, compute node availability is independent of data availability. DVX is simple and cost-effective, combining the use of underutilized server capacity with always-on, end-to-end dedupe, compression, data management and encryption.

With DVX it is possible to effortlessly deploy Rack Scale infrastructure. Combine DVX Data Nodes and from 1 to 32 DVX Compute Nodes for a turnkey, purpose-built solution that simplifies both primary storage and secondary data management. Mix and match with existing servers and blades for a seamless Open Converged system without silos.

Datrium DVX