Datacenter convergence, hybrid by design

With its beginnings as a public cloud service provider solving real-world customer problems, Yottabyte now makes its software defined infrastructure platform available to everyone.

Empowering customer experiences through automated, cloud building technologies, Yottabyte Cloud Blox appliances, powered by Cloud Composer software, is an easy-to-use, powerful and highly efficient cloud building platform.

Let's face it, clouds are hard to build. Cloud Composer software abstracts and virtualizes the entire IT infrastructure stack including storage, CPU & RAM (compute), networking and security, into liquefied, virtual resources that are securely delivered to tenant environments as virtual datacenters on clusters of scale-out physical server hosts. These servers may be general-purpose Hyperconverged hardware appliances (VM computing & storage) or optimized for their high performance computing (CPU & RAM) and performance (NVMe & SSD) or capacity (HDD) storage application workloads.

Yottabyte authored Cloud Composer, which collapses the entire IT infrastructure stack into one flexible and simple to use SDI platform built for the express purpose of building clouds. Yottabyte does not require any other 3rd party products and starts working minutes after Cloud Blox are connected. Cloud Blox include everything you need, from virtual storage (full-featured, distributed, auto-tiering vSAN), virtual computing (VMs, containers, bare metal provisioning) and virtual networking (L2/L3, routing, firewall, IP management) to build a scalable private, public or hybrid cloud. The system is completely managed by its simple to use, single pane of glass, web-based management suite, targeted for use by an IT generalist skill set. Alternatively, you may leverage Cloud Composer's complete REST-like API to control the system from your exiting orchestration platform.


Yottabyte sells scale-out Yottabyte Cloud Blox appliances, Yottabyte Cloud Composer software subscriptions for Service Providers and Yottabyte Cloud Services directly, and via the Yottabyte Cloud Partner community.

Yottabyte Cloud Blox are sold in hyperconverged (HCI), storage-only (AFA or HDD), and compute-only varieties. All Yottabyte Cloud Blox are built using Intel® hardware delivering virtual storage, computing and networking via the simple-to-manage Cloud Composer software platform.

Yottabyte Cloud Blox are powered by Cloud Composer software, a radically simple cloud building solution that includes a scalable, globally deduplicated, distributed storage solution. Data protection, multisite replication, virtual computing, software-defined networking, and an easy-to-use self-service management interface are only some of the powerful features that are a standard part of Yottabyte cloud solutions.