ZeroStack uses smart software and artificial intelligence to deliver self-driving, fully integrated private cloud platform that delivers the agility and simplicity of public cloud at a fraction of the cost.

ZeroStack's SaaS-operated, self-driving private cloud solution takes guesswork out of design, ongoing management and troubleshooting. On premises, ZeroStack's cloud operating system converts Intel-based bare-metal servers into a reliable, self-healing cloud cluster. This cluster is consumed via the self-service SaaS portal. The SaaS portal also collects telemetry data and uses artificial intelligence to create models that help customers make decisions about capacity planning, troubleshooting and optimized placement of applications. The integrated App Store enables 1-click deployment of over 20 applications that provide the platform for most modern cloud native applications. This solution is fully integrated with public clouds to offer seamless migration between clouds. The result is a highly agile, cloud-managed datacenter that offers ultimate control and governance and dramatically accelerate time to value while keeping costs to a minimum.